The Basic Components of a Business Plan for a Catering Business

Creating a business plan for a catering business may not be as tough as some of us consider. Moreover, developing a business plan is very important for all of us that are interested in starting their own catering business. A catering business plan helps lay the foundation for the main components of your business. It also serves as a vital tool if you are seeking funding for your start-up; since all lenders will request your business plan. Keep in mind that starting a small catering business is also a start-up option which may only require the use of some of your personal savings.

The benefit of a catering business plan includes allowing you to focus on the mission and goals as well as identify the basic components of your company.

Let us look at the basic points of a business plan for a catering company.

Description of your company.

In this section you need to describe your catering business in a clear and enlightening manner. You will need to include the name and location of the company, owner(s) background and experience, and the type of catering services that will be provided. Note that you would want come up with a business name that accurately represents your business.

Unique Selling Position also known as your USP

Your USP is what makes you different from the competition. When someone is looking for a caterer why should they select you? It goes without saying that you will provide delicious dishes and professional and friendly services; these days that just is not enough. How are you going to stand out from the competition? When writing this section I would recommend that you focus on determining how you will create a memorable and exciting experience for each of your clients. The goal is to have every client think of you when they are in need of catering services.

Organizational Structure

As the business owner you cannot single handedly take care of every aspect of your catering company; this means that you will need staff to assist you in running the business. In this section you will need to list the key people that will be engaged in your catering business. You not only want to include the names of key people but specific information about their background and experiences, and the role each of them will play in your company.


You need to know what the competition doing because this is what could possibly keep you from getting clients? You will have to do some research to determine which services may be directly competing with your catering business. In this section you will need will need to see how your compare to the competition. What are your strengths and weaknesses; and are there any opportunities or threats that can have an impact on your business?


The first step is to determine specifically who you will sell your catering services to; this is called your target market. You may initially think that you plan to offer your services to everyone, which is fine but it is best to focus on your ideal clients. Taking this approach will also assist in focusing your marketing budget on specific clientele.


Be prepared to include how much money will invest in your catering business and how much income, expenses and profits you plan to generate in this section. Optimism is great but the best approach in this section is the realistic approach. Often times section this can be challenging for the preparer; and you are not alone. Seek help from the Small Business Administration and other agencies like SCORE and the Small Business Development Centers.

ASEA Business: How To Generate Leads Without ASEA Business Cards

Doing a search for ASEA MLM as in the form of an ASEA business opportunity?

I took a look at the MLM rankings and of today’s date, this company is actually one of the top 10 companies that are noted as being “top gainers.” Now you must understand that there are people who are going to tell you that you are a fool to even try to make money with any network marketing company. That is just a fact.

I have run across many “nay sayers” as I call them and personally, I do my best at avoiding that kind of negativity because I know that you can make money with ASEA by adding ASEA Reps and making money with affiliate products as well. You can easily do both at the same time which means more money in your pocket and if you are interested in learning more, I will gladly show you some things to help you get results….

The key to being able to make money with this company or any network marketing company has everything to do with YOU and how you can help others with their business. You do not need ASEA business cards to be successful. I mean, it may be nice to have some cards on hand but that is not what you need. If it were me, I would save my money and focus on my education as in discovering how you can attract people to you without counting on your family and friends to make you rich. I don’t even have any cards with my primary company and I know many others who don’t either and are doing well in their business.

It is not so much about the company as it is about the relationships that you create. Now you certainly want to have a product that you believe in; don’t get me wrong…but people join people in business. If they do not like you, they are not going to join your business. Building relationships is what will allow you to get ASEA leads. My mission is to help other people get started because unless you have some guidance, you will certainly have your share of struggles. Take a guess how I know that!

If you can provide value to other marketers in this industry, they will not only be attracted to you, they will want to follow you and they often (very) join your business. That is just the way it. You see, if you provide a solution to others problems, they will follow you and they will want to stay in touch with you. They will see you as a leader whch is what you want, of course. People are attracted to leaders so even if you are brand spanking new, start offering other people value when it comes to network marketing. Just do a little research on something that you want know more about and then take actions with things such as:

  • Write articles
  • Create short videos
  • Participate on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media
  • Blog
  • Forums
  • Attend as many webinars/live events as you can and take notes!
  • Network with others who share the same dream and follow through with a plan
  • Invest in your future by partnering with personal mentors who will provide you with step by step instructions so that you do not have to guess at what to do!
  • Implement what you learn along the way….

Look, I can tell you that if you are with the right set of mentors who can provide you the best when it comes to network marketing education, you will have what you need to live the kind of lifestyle you have always wanted. But you have to take action. That means staying committed, staying focused and treating your online ASEA business as a real business and not a hobby.

Don’t just think about your success….take action to create your success by first partnering up with those who are willing to show you exactly HOW to market your business. If you are serious, I am serious about helping you create your own success story. You can do this!

Family Business Leadership – Get More Out Of Your Management Team

The can-doers fall into 2 categories. The first class is the can-do minimizer. No matter what you give this person to do, they get it done. Not only do they get it done, but they do so with the minimal quantity of noise. Regardless of how dif cult the task, it is getting done. They do not complain or grouse, they just do what is expected of them. Then there are the can-do maximizers. They get the job done, but they do so with a large amount of noise. I had to work so diligently on this. i have been here since early this A. M. and I had to stay late last night. I got it done, but everybody made my job so hard for example. I believe that you get the idea. They get the job finished also, but you definitely have to be told about it.

The can’t-doers also fall into 2 cat- egories. There is the can’t-do maximizer. They never get the job done and it is always somebody else’s fault. Then there’s the can’t-do minimizer. They are the most fatal. They can’t get the job finished and they do not want you to grasp that they can’t get it done. They are in way over their heads.

The best goal is to try and get your entire management team to become can-do minimizers. In the real world that won’t happen, but we will be able to try. As a minimum, you need to recognize the can-do minimizers, reward them, and do whatever it takes to keep them because they’re invaluable. The can-do maximizers are a different situation. We will be able to attempt to get them to become minimizers, but in my experiences this isn’t easy to do. It is hard to change people’s's way of seeing life. We want to keep these folks because they do get the task finished. We just have to be told how to address them, not lose patience with them, and try and get them to do their roles with less noise. often just showing them an article like this might work.

The can’t-do maximizer, wants to modify or leave. You have got to establish if they really can’t get the job done or if they are they so programmed to protest, that they understand that if they do so loudly enough and long enough, they won’t have to get the task finished. The can’t-do minimizer is deadly to your business and could put you into Chapter 11. They like to fly below the wire and go unnoticed. They can’t get the task finished and never will be able to do so. The faster you replace them, the more sorted you’ll be.

There are specific things you need to be aware of. Can-do minimizers have no patience for maximizers any kind. They will never hit it off with them because it’s so in contrast to how they believe. Maximizers will become fast friends, and like birds of feather stick together. Can’t-do minimizers have the capability if they are in the right position, to put you into bankruptcy. They typically think that they fooling everybody. Folk can be compounds relying on the situation. Most people have a really dif cult time changing. Can-doers unfortunately have to find out how to address can’t-doers. Everyone can learn to become a can-doer if they want to badly enough.

There are tools available to companies and folks trained to use these tools to work on all the above. Believe me, it would be a great investment.